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To continue to provide its members with the highest quality service possible at an economical price



     In 1956, JSA was founded on the premise that specialty products such as jewelry and textiles need not pay high rates with poor service. As such, shippers of these commodities banded together to form Jeweler’s Shipping Association (JSA).

     Over sixty years later, we at JSA still hold the founding ideal to the highest extreme by offering shippers of ALL types of LTL and Truck Load freight the GREAT RATES AND GREAT SERVICE they have come to expect over the years.

     Managed and operated by D.L. Terminals, Inc., since July 2002, our experience in Transportation and Logistics management and our commitment to deliver great value will help carry you into the future!



Jewelers Shipping Services (JSS) was founded by the Manufacturing Jewelers and Silversmiths of America for the purpose of consolidative and transporting jewelry and jewelry related products, for its members, in an economical way.


Jewelers Shipping Services incorporated under its present name Jewelers Shipping Association, Inc. (JSA).


JSA's success at consolidating and transporting its member freight results in its outgrowing the facility at Ernest Street in Providence, Rhode Island.


JSA purchases 3 ½ acres of land in Cranston, Rhode Island, with groundbreaking ceremonies held in early 1974.



JSA's rapid growth required more space to handle all of the freight. The Board of Directors authorizes the purchase of the adjacent property consisting of 2 acres of land and a building with 4500 square feet of additional dock space.

JSA moves into its new 19,680 square foot, 31 bay terminal at 125 Carlsbad Street in Cranston.


The growth JSA has had since 1956 to present has been admirable. Its unique formula for moving its members' freight economically, quickly, and safely has earned it a vital place in transportation.

Jewelers Shipping Association

a name you can depend on for fast, reliable and consistent performance.


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